Welcome to my web site! Please note that I have a new email address.  My new email address can be found near the top of the “Products” page.   If you’d like to have tab for your favorite tunes that are in the public domain to let me know.  I’ll try to work them up for you and post them here as a selection of the month.




New tab book containing 16 of The King’s love songs arranged for the mountain dulcimer in DAd tuning.  For details visit my “Products” page and click on the book or click on this link:

Love Me Tender”.


For the month of October, I’ve selected a hymn written in 1912 by James Rowe (lyrics) and Howard E. Smith (music).  Mr. Smith had severe arthritis in his hands such that one would wonder how he could use them at all yet he composed many hymns.  James Rowe was a prolific writer creating lyrics for over 2600 hymns . I offer this selection in the key of Gmajor without using the 1+ fret. However, I also have a version using the 1+ fret/  If you’re interested in that version drop me an email and I’ll send you a pdf file of it.

Love Lifted Me

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